Underwater student!

Underwater students

A cold weekend of Canoeing on Coniston Water and gorge scrambling in Church Beck, meant that a change was on the cards for today. So a couple of visits to Stickle Ghyll, Langdale with students from Salford and a quick splash and flash (of the camera!)  of one in particular.

The now standard mountain pose.

If people wish to capture that memorable mountain moment then out comes the mobile phone and that now common arm stretched pose! This memorable mountain moment was the view from Yewbarrow over Kirk Fell and Great Gable.

Top tip #39

Want to know whether that pulley system you have just created to drag your car/client/bucket of cement up the side of your scaffolding , is a 2:1, 3:1 or a 9:1??? Well let me broaden your skill base with the essential information that if the rope is tied off at the load end pulley then …

Fairy ring on a BIG scale

 A 15 foot in circumference fairy ring of fungi from (and I am happy to be corrected here !) the Death Cap (Amanita phalloides ) family. Simply just don’t touch, eat or fool around with! Below are a few other varieties seen today. Just give me a few minutes to identify them…

A wet Windermere

A great week working for Leeds Met University, culminating in a kayaking day with 4 groups on the western shore of Windermere. Primarily we looked at physiological and coaching development within the groups, as well as a variety of kayaking skills around Thompson’s Island. As for the weather? It started off wet and gradually got …

Today: Church Beck, Coniston

A double session with LMU sports science students in a cold gorge. Church Beck runs straight off the cold mountains above and therefore the teams had to move swiftly through the challenges to keep warm. Thank goodness for full ‘steamer’ wetsuits!

A wonderful office day.

A cracking day out with sports science students from Leeds Met University on the Coniston range. Up Swirl How and along the 4km ridge to the Old Man of Coniston. Perfect temperature and little wind. Role on tomorrow !