The perfect ‘fetch’

A good strong North – North Easterly breeze provides excellent canoe sailing conditions on Windermere as experienced today and yesterday. By creating an improvised canoe raft with a rafting spar, A-frame mast from 2 oars and a sail which doubles as a camping tarp (from Aiguille – bombproof kit from the Lake District) speeds of …

Yorkshire caving

When the question is asked as to the best location to go caving (be it easy dry walking around a cave looking at beautiful features or challenging belt buckle crawls) then it is impossible to ignore and hard to not conclude that Yorkshire has it all. Three days this week underground in gods county with experienced and …

Tim on Middlefell Buttress (Diff) Raven Crag, Langdale

Another of those CPD days

As mountain professionals, formalised CPD is rightly here to stay and so I experienced another development day covering short roping on technical ground. For the uninitiated this means bringing a client or two up and down scrambling and climbing terrain in short and efficient sections with minimal equipment. To the untrained some of the small (about tennis …

2 day outdoor first aid course with First Aid Cumbria

A standard first aid sight…

A pretty standard sight on any outdoor first aid course. Lots of waterproofs, karrimats and more casualties per square foot then an A and E department. I have no hesitation in recommending First Aid Cumbria. A simple, logical and varied course.

Compass bearing - advanced navigation!

Navigation training.

A lovely cold and clear day covering basic navigation skills over in the Dudden valley. What did we cover? Ground and then map interpretation, tick off and catching features, simple navigation tools and tactics and all before we even touched a compass!

Ed Poulter in Stickle Ghyll

Two ‘eds are better than one.

A cold  and wet week in Church Beck and Stickle Ghyll scrambling with the reliable and multi talented instructor Ed Poulter. Why mention this? Well obviously recognising another quality instructor is important, but also it allows me to use the under used line “two ‘eds are better than one”. Classic. Trust me.