A small video of a large cave

TweetA small video of a recent caving trip into Gaping Ghyll, the largest chamber/cavern in Britain (large enough to put York Minster in!). We didn’t get wet, muddy or stuck in any tight squeezes – a perfect caving experience!

Using ice climbing tools without the ice!

Tweet It’s called mixed/dry tool climbing and many winter climbs in Britain have  moves that involve using ice tools in frozen cracks or on snow covered rock. To train for such climbing (without actually climbing said winter routes!) you can … Continue reading

A wet, dark place in the office today!

TweetFor a video of A wet exit from Wilsons Cave, Yorkshire Dales click here! The exit of Wilsons cave involves a bit of a crawl/swim out into the light and at this time of the year needs to be done swiftly! Wilsons … Continue reading

Running the River Lune

Tweet Today’s office: Sitting in a kayak on the River Lune! Warm air temp.  (for December) and medium water levels meant for a fast and enjoyable run from Devils Bridge to Hornby. A number of the paddlers had never kayaked … Continue reading

Cold crossings

Tweet Some absolutely baltic conditions encountered this week and especially so on Wednesday whilst working for O.B. Eskdale. Covering the building and safety of a tyrolean (rope) crossing in the ‘cold sink’ that is the River Esk and in temperatures … Continue reading

Hangin’ around in caves

Tweet Whilst it might be cold outside, it is a balmy 6 degrees celcius underground below Pen Y Gent in the Yorkshire Dales. Calf Holes cave today with TQ and soldiers from the Yorkshire Regiment. A few vertical drops to … Continue reading