It isn’t what you think!

Tweet Coaching is coaching whatever the sport, activity or objective. So coaching individuals on how to focus on the ‘here and now’ and not on distractions is possible and noticeably successful through many sports and in particular clay pigeon shooting. … Continue reading

Personal coaching and support for military personnel

Tweet Just completed a week coaching Wounded, Injured and Sick personnel attending an adventure training course at the Battle Back Centre (Lilleshall). ¬†Individuals with a wide variety physical and psychological impairments, all on their own personal journeys, with my role … Continue reading

A busy time as a team trainer

Tweet Just completed 3 weeks training with apprentices from Wales, England, France and Germany who are employed by the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. These week long multi-cultural and team awareness courses saw individuals challenging themselves on the highest English mountain and … Continue reading

Inspirational setting for a personal feedback session

An inspirational personal feedback session Tweet Working closely with a high performing team of international HSBC graduates over in the Eskdale and Wasdale valleys ¬†this week. Focusing on their own personal learning objectives following 2 weeks of theoretical input, they spent 4 very practical days … Continue reading

Old skills revisited

Tweet A few hours of relearning old skills. Asked today to produce a number of rope lengths of 24mm staple poly-prop (as you do!), I had to dig deep into the old toolbox to create a number of loop and … Continue reading

Continuing Personal Development 50 metres up…

Tweet Out today supporting Ben in his ongoing skills development in SRT (Single Rope Technique). Used by cavers to access the remoter parts of caves, SRT (if undertaken correctly) enables the safe use of one rope to abseil down on … Continue reading

Where has Earthly Edge been this last month?

Tweet Well the blogs have been pretty scarce over the last month due to a variety of reasons, but primarily the fact that a lot of time has been spent in and around the Scottish mountains. Full winter conditions have … Continue reading