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“If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance.”   Abraham Lincoln


Blending years of experience with cutting edge ideas and solutions in the outdoors, Earthly Edge provides support to businesses wishing to invest effectively and efficiently in their greatest assets their people.

Within any organisation, businesses need to engage, support and encourage all who work for them. Providing opportunities to reward and develop teams and individuals plays an important part in this.

Earthly Edge helps you do this.

You set the outcomes and Earthly Edge will develop, deliver and facilitate the appropriate level of learning to meet and exceed your expectations.

We are also very active and experienced in supporting individuals and enabling inclusion for all, regardless of impairment, ability or experience. Everyone can be involved.

So the choice is yours. Either click on one of the option slides below and explore now what we can do for you and how, or read on to confirm why you should use Earthly Edge.


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Lets keep things simple (for that is all it needs to be initially) and use Kipling’s ‘six honest serving-men’ to take things forward.


What does Earthly Edge do?

We specialise in providing outdoor tasks and activities to help facilitate learning outcomes that you require for your company. In particular:

Transferable learning that can be more powerful than classroom simulations as real consequences are produced by the actions (or in-actions) of those involved.

Experienced, technical and imaginative support for your own in-house training sessions, therefore making them memorable and unique.

Developing and delivering bespoke, and fully facilitated team and individual development courses throughout the country. Often at a venue of your choice.

Engaging and entertaining teams with shared experiences that can help say a big thank you during these testing economic times.

Why use the outdoors?

Because the outdoors can provide a powerful and flexible vehicle for experiential learning. It can help to address outcomes as diverse as allowing individuals to experience greater awareness of themselves and others, through to broad skills such as improved leadership, team building and communication skills. To understand more about this key element to our courses click here.

Where can you use Earthly Edge?

Within reason – Anywhere  Nationwide! Be it in the beautiful Lake District (where we are based), at a conference centre off the M25 or on a patch of grass in an industrial park in Nottingham! We can and have provided experiences, that have met and exceeded the clients outcomes pretty much anywhere.

When is it suitable to use the outdoors?

At any time within your training calendar. Tasks and activities are chosen for you to meet your training outcomes whenever you need them.

How does Earthly Edge ensure your outcomes are met?

Because we listen. We do not have hidden agendas or a limited range of experience in achieving client needs. We listen, ask appropriate questions about what you want as a final outcome and we advise openly and honestly. Our experience and that of our associates ensures our success.

Who is ‘Earthly Edge’?

The driving force behind Earthly Edge is Edward Kinnear. A DEvelopment Coach and Outdoor Professional for nearly 20 years and with a background in engineering and estate management. Experienced in the design and delivery of inspirational experiential learning, he is passionate about you and your teams’ development.

Edward has worked with a number of corporate clients either directly or in partnership with other professional development providers. These include; BAE systems, Rolls-Royce, Ministry of Defence, Airbus, Leeds and Newcastle Rugby Teams, Outward Bound Trust, Leeds Metropolitan University, National Grid, Cranfield University, Barclaycard, Tesco, British Sugar, BP, Northamptonshire County Cricket Club, HSBC, The Royal British Legion, Newcastle college, TQ, nPower, GSK, Aspect Capital, College of West Anglia, Microsoft, NHS, Jones Lang Lasalle, Endemol, Channel 4 and BBC Television.

On your course, Earthly Edge is supported by a specialist and experienced team of associates.

As mentioned above, the choice is yours. Click on one of the options below and explore what we can do for you and how or contact us now.

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