Develop Your Team

“The best form of welfare for the troops is first-class training, for this saves unnecessary casualties.”

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel


Broad concrete skills are the foundation of any successful individual, team or business and can be easily and efficiently enhanced through first class experiential learning.



So how do we ensure first class experiential learning?

With high intensity; specific and challenging processing of experiences by an experienced facilitator (either one of your training team or an Earthly Edge associate). Couple this facilitation with tightly structured technical tasks and clear course outcomes, complex people management skills are highlighted and developed within your team.

Feedback is key here as it helps reflection and provides data for the individual as to their effectiveness against the outcomes of the course (for example leadership skills, motivation, team and trust building etc.). It is all too easy to assume that an individual is already self or other aware. For example no matter how much people talk about how to motivate others, if an individual does not understand how they themselves operate and their ability to affect others, then trying to develop a range of motivation techniques is a very hit or miss affair.

This notion of revealing and being aware of ‘blind spots’ * in one’s behaviours, attitudes and actions which are known to others but not oneself, is extremely common in management development and no stranger to Earthly Edge programmes.

So through providing challenging facilitation, structured tasks and clear outcomes, Earthly Edge enables the perfect environment in which your team can experience, reflect and develop.

Contact us for more information or with any questions and let Earthly Edge help you to develop your team with ours.

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*Luft and Ingham 1955. The Johari window.