Developing Individuals

“To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are.” Eric Hoffer


By helping people to truly engage and be aware of their personal strengths and limitations will enable them to be aware “…of  what we are” and establish the potential to learn and improve.


Many courses intended to develop individuals within a company are conceived with the best of intentions by the H.R. department and an outdoor activity provider. Sometimes, however, the course content can be too broad, and therefore missing what the course participants could truly need.

You can identify these courses easily as they have lots of classic outcomes such as teamwork, communication, leadership etc. These are perfect and essential outcomes when it comes to developing broad management and leadership skills, but can offer little for actual personal development, even though the course is sold as a personal development course!




So what do you do then? Keep it simple and trust.

Trust in the development of a programme with tasks that are broad; unstructured and loose in nature (allowing the individual to choose how or how not to proceed).

● Trust in high intensity; specific and challenging processing by an experienced Earthly Edge facilitator during task reviews.

● Trust that by reviewing and challenging individuals with intensity, they do not engage and learn by chance but through encouragement and awareness. Specifically the receiving of and reflection on personal feedback enables the individual to increase awareness and set personal learning outcomes and not those of the course organisers.

● Trust that by undertaking further tasks that are tailored specifically to explore and develop, these personal outcomes will be met. This is why classic ‘old school’ personal development courses were four weeks long and can still be if you wish.

This is a true personal development course.

This is what Earthly Edge can provide for your company because this is what we strongly trust and believe in, and will always encourage a client to do so as well.

Contact us for more information or any questions and let us encourage you further to trust in a course that truly enables the development of your people.

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