Personal and team performance coaching in the outdoors

Facilitating experiences using the Great British outdoors has been Earthly Edge’s main focus and reason for developing exciting and innovative programmes; where the individual’s performance is always central:

  • Be that an individual wishing to improve their resilience, wellbeing and relationships. Performance is explored through coaching conversations and movement; movement through the countryside and through different adventure sports (such as taking a wonder or a walk, right through to taking in a climb, a cave or a canyon).
  • Be that an individual as part of a team wishing to explore where they can all experience, learn and develop together and where an individual’s behaviours and actions are supported and appropriately scrutinised.
  • Be that an individual who wants to improve their technical performance in adventurous sports by being supported in a challenging environment, where comfort zones are stretched and skill development is maximised.

Whatever the background and reasonsing for using Earthly Edge, rest assured that all courses are developed with:

  • Safety first and foremost.
  • Inclusivity (in all of its wonderful forms) ensured.
  • Practical techniques that are transferrable back into life, home, workplace and the mountains.
  • 25+ years of experience and wisdom.

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Course Details

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Participants need to be 18 years or older.

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