Inspirational and insightful talks, lectures and presentations

From the ups and downs of competitive team sports and injuries through to the highs and lows of mountaineering and Mountain Rescue. All whilst turning a hobby into a profession; working with the most amazing people and teams as clients and colleagues; seeing sights of awe and wonder through to sights of despair and anguish; moving around the country and the world whilst maintaining relationships, work and a family.

Whenever I speak of the above, listeners have thought hard on the examples, felt a connection with what I have shared and found a transfer back into their world.

The art of the metaphor is always strong here; as is shared wisdom, insight and appropriate humour.


Whilst every interaction with an organisation will be unique, I have some ‘titles’ that maybe of interest:

  • Lectures on practical inclusivity, technical and behavioural skills in the outdoors.
  • “Parenting, Adventure and Resilience – biology and traditional thoughts that support modern world options”.
  • “The benefits of volunteering – from society to eudemonic wellbeing”.
  • “Where did it all go right? – 47 years of maintaining personal resilience” (with a nod here to the author Andrew Collins!).

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