Disability and impairment training.

For indoor and outdoor climbing, hill walking, mountaineering, caving, gorge scrambling, biking and water-sports.


A one or multi day CPD course open to everyone in and around your organisation (instructors, coaches, leaders, assistants, receptionists, administrators, clients and key ‘bridge’ members of the community).

Training designed to provide a common vocabulary (based around the published and successful ‘Decision-Making Framework’) for all involved in inclusive adventure sports sessions.

Practical face-to-face skills and techniques covered, with behavioural (soft) skills afforded equal importance to technical skills on the course. All are explored and developed according to the needs of participants and the organisation.

Course outcomes

Having attended, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to make sessions inclusive through using the 5 stage Decision-Making Framework.
  • Work towards practically providing a safe and effective inclusive adventure sessions with a person with an impairment or disability.
  • Develop their use of predominantly common and multi-purpose equipment, options and techniques.
  • Develop their own practice through facilitated sharing of experiences for future learning and acquire CPD points with professional associations.

Certificate of Attendance issued after course completion and post-course reflection.

Undertaken at your location. Maximum of 12 participants to 2 trainers. Price on application.

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Participants need to be 18 years or older.

“Well worthwhile. It reassures that you are doing a lot right already and gives you practical ideas for improvement.”

The course is a good foundation for anyone who is involved with inclusive climbing (or any inclusive [adventure] sport). It will help you consider and adapt the support needed to any individual with any impairment and allow them to enjoy the sport, safely, confidently and inclusively…

“Very engaging, thought provoking and can be used as a tool in instructing and coaching for all participants irrespective of whether they have impairments or not.”   

“Arrive at the course with an open mind and be prepared to be cognitively challenged, involved in pragmatic discussion and be offered the opportunity to use a wide range of equipment. You’ll leave feeling confident in your ability to apply the Decision-Making Framework in your coaching and have a kindled interest in inclusive adventure for all.”

Recent course participant feedback

The Inclusive Climbing manual

The Inclusive Climbing manual

For qualified climbing coaches and instructors, through to climbing club volunteers, parents and support assistants.

An easy to follow manual that lays out the technical and behavioural skills required for an effective, efficient and safe inclusive climbing partnership between a coach and an individual with an impairment or disability.

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